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Internet marketing for real estate agents.

Below we are describing our most popular services that we are provideing to international clients:

3D floor pland made fromt technical layouts

3D floor plan is a very original and helpful way to show property layout and overall interior plan. Thanks to 3D plans client can see accurate number of rooms and it's location inside building. You can also show sample interior equipment and design sample rooms. In the end we desing add-ons and lightening.


The 3D floor plan is made according to four architectural paterns ans styles:

  • scandinavian,
  • traditional,
  • exotic,
  • luxury,
  • You can choose HD or 4K resolution. It is also able to implement previously prepared 3D models. Sample 3D floor plan You can see by clicking in link:

    3D floor plan

    Real estate promotional movies

    Need promotional movie for You property? We can make a proffessional high definition movie with soundtrack that will show the property from the best side. In creating the movied we are desing best frames, number of photos and type of soundtrack. Sample movie:

    Remastering photos

    Today's marketing require high quality materials thats why we can offer You remastering photo service that will improve quality of Your company pictures and marketing materials. We are making Your photos more live, sharp and well enlighted. See the diffrence You can see in examples below:

    International real estate listings

    In every real estate agency it is important to promote listings in two ways: locally and international. Thanks to our own service we are able to present property listings world wide. Our service contains: property offers, articles and private showroom with best designed apartments and mansions.

    If You are interested in international real estate promotion You can register You company here:

    (link) For more information You can call our office: +48-537-441-222.

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